Preceptorship Program

After the completion of the course work and sitting of the exam, every midwife will complete thirteen (13) case studies. Three (3) of these case studies must be supervised by an approved preceptor. These supervised case studies can be completed in your local area, providing there is an approved preceptor in that area. Otherwise, the midwife must make arrangements with other midwifery clinics to practice acupuncture for pain management on their clients, providing there is an approved preceptor available in that area. If it is not possible to find a preceptor in your area and/or you are unable to practice at another clinic, practice sessions will be set up by the instructors of the Acupuncture for Midwifery Program.

All preceptors must be members of the Canadian Association of Oriental Obstetrical Medicine (CAOOM). Preceptors have demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge and skill in the treatment of perinatal health.

For a list of preceptors in your area please click here.


** Registrants have one year to complete their preceptorship program and case studies.